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We’ve been working with Duncan for two years now, and are pleased with the teaching that he provides. Previously we hadn’t done a lot of yoga. This led to some initial concerns that it might only to be suitable for athletic young people with a taste for alternative living. However Duncan is very good at adapting his classes to the abilities of those attending, and at bringing everything down to earth in a relaxed / accessible way. He is enthusiastic and well-informed about the more advanced aspects of the discipline, including its spiritual elements. But he never lets these things predominate, so the classes are well-balanced. Having put some effort into yoga, we now find that we are fitter, more relaxed, and just that little bit better at coping with the stresses of day to day life: the benefits are subtle, but significant. Overall, we would very much recommend Duncan as a coach and teacher.


“I started training with Duncan because I was getting married and wanted to get in shape but then I did something I never thought I could, or would ever, do - a triathlon. I’m not a swimmer, haven’t been on a bike in years, and previously ran once in a blue moon. And I did it, and not only that, I enjoyed it and did well.

Duncan has this amazing ability to train both the mind and the body, without you even really noticing. Through training with Duncan, I’ve reduced my body weight by over 10kgs and feel the fittest I ever have. This was a mental challenge for me, and one I am really proud of. Thank you, Duncan.”


Hey Duncan, thanks so much for the session today, thought it was fantastic! Loved having that much time to really get into the meditation and learning about and seeing the effect of different breathing/counting techniques. Also liked the flow of the session, having the chance to go back to yoga after the meditation and vice versa. Hope you have a good weekend, can’t wait for the next one. 


“The virtual yoga and meditation retreat with Duncan was a great introduction to both practises, building through physical flow and breath work to create the optimum state of being to get into a meditative state. The time flew by and I felt so relaxed for the whole weekend afterwards. It definitely inspired me to double down on making meditation a more regular part of my routine!”

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