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The course will be divided into 4 sections, which will take you through the 4 A’s:  


To get the best out of this course, The 4 As Coaching Method was designed to be completed over a 6 week period 

(exploring and completing one session per week). 

4As Coaching Method Diagram.jpg

What you’ll learn

  • Mind-set Training Course:  To achieve weight loss, improve health, fitness and spiritual goals.

  • Cause and Effect:  Taking control of your thinking.

  • Meditation and Yoga Practice:  Helping to manage stress and anxiety, developing emotional well-being.

  • Goal Setting:  Focusing the mind on the right things, gaining clarity for decision making.

  • Visualisation:  Seeing yourself as the person you want to be, helping you achieve more of what you want.

  • Removing Limited Beliefs:  Letting go of the things you hide behind, start to see how much more your worth.

  • Action Planning:  Moving towards our goals, helping you maintain focus and concentration.

  • Understanding Achievement:  as an inward Journey, realising your own essence and potential.

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

        The ability to print course materials (desirable)

  • The ability to keep a journal

  • A quiet space for meditation

  • A space for yoga

  • Able to engage in gentle exercise

Who this course is for:

  • Individuals/Teams interested in improving performance

  • Individuals interested in weight management.

  • Individuals interested in Mind-set Training

  • Individuals interested in improving general health and wellbeing

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